What is our motivation?

The year is 1996. In a bar, a young man expresses his mica stem in an ashtray…

Time jump into 2019.

I’m just sorting the newly arrived liquids from Malaysia onto the shelf.

The best and most fruity juices for steaming for Switzerland and for Europe.

We try to provide our customers of e-cigarettes with high quality and high-quality e-liquid products.

Whether it is due to our personal service, the convincing quality of our work and adherence to deadlines, the feedback from our customers is consistently positive.

It goes without saying that we take care of the customer in an open and friendly way, take wishes seriously and respond to them.

About Horny Flava

The brand Horny Flava is very widely known in vape industry. Horny Flava has penetrated the market for about 8 years already. In the beginning Horny Flava started as a small company that produces only one flavor which is horny mango. Horny Mango flavor has suddenly become one of the hit flavors in Malaysia because of its authentic mango taste that no other company can compete with. In 2013, this product has infiltrated global market. Eversince, this company has widen its flavor range not only for Horny Mango but plenty others such as Horny Strawberry, Red Apple, Grape, Pineapple, Pomberry, Pinberry, and Sour Mango. This fruity line is so famous amongst the vapours because of the premium taste.

Nowadays, Horny Flava is sold in over 63 countries including Europe. The biggest distributor for Horny Flava in europe is handled by ToBeWell Lt. based in Schlieren, Switzerland. With the customer demand, ToBeWell is not only selling juice flavor but also other products such as Salt Nic Flavor and Kracksman pod that are newly products produced from the Horny Flava company. There are 20 products in total that are available in Europe. All products are sold in any vape stores across Europe or can be purchased online at www.hornyflava.ch.